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Engineering consultancy

Representing the Client’s interests, providing packaged and targeted information, providing technical staff responsible with the process, review the documents to ensure they respect local codes and regulations and point out missing information.

Site Inspection

Performance represents the objective for each project in which our team is part of. The measure and size of the performance are reflected by the loyalty of our customers and business partners. With a clear mission and continuous development, our team always endeavoured to deliver innovative high quality solutions with sustainable results.

Project analysis and works commencement
– check the existence and validity of all approvals and agreements
– revise the design, scope of work, technologies and procedures to be used in the execution of the construction
– inform the State Inspectorate representatives regarding the construction works commencement
– submit to State Inspectorate the determinant phases schedule proposed by Designer and signed by Site Inspector, Designer and Investor in order to be approved by the State Inspectorate
– take over the site and the levelling marks and hand them over to the constructor
– hand over the area designated for the site setup to the constructor

During the construction period
– supervise the development of the construction in compliance with the provisions of the design, scope of work, technical regulations in force
– perform the verifications stipulated by the technical regulations and sign the documents issued succeeding such verifications and report periodically to the Client the status of works, issue Nonconformity Notes to the Constructor in case works are not executed
– monitor the performance of the works from the technical point of view during the entire period of performance
– forbid the use of products for construction which are nonconforming or without conformity certificates or technical agreements (for non-conventional materials)
– check the compliance with the legal provisions regarding the requirements set by Law no. 10/1995 on the quality in construction, in the event any variations are brought to the documentation or new solutions are adopted
– monitor the compliance by the Constructor with the instructions and/or actions instructed by the designer/relevant authorities

Monitoring Objectives
– Assures the safety and durability of the Construction by detecting in time the dangerous phenomena and the areas where they occur
– Supervision of the evolution of some predictable phenomena, with possible unfavorable effects on the proficiency in service
– The reporting of the operational reach of warning criteria or limit values
– Assures a high volume of safe and statistically processing data (database) necessary for setting ranges of values of a corresponding normal and safe service, in all the situations the Building passes through, along its lifetime and ascertainment of the behavior in real and complex conditions of new types of materials

Main checks and risks
– Building changes with regards to position and deflection
– Building changes in form
– Changes in comfort with regards to tightness and proofing
– Structural defects and degradation

Health and Safety
– Identify the hazards on each site and evaluate the risk factors
– Control the site and issue specific documentation according to the relevant legislation
– Issue Health and Safety instructions for the employees
– Establish the areas which need to have warning signs on Site
– Organise periodic trainings with the security company personnel and establish the necessary health and safety rules and improvements of the Health and Safety conditions on the site
– Propose to the Beneficiary the necessary prevention and protection measures which need to be adopted


Our experts team has a clear understanding of the building code, permit fees and projects requirements specific to each jurisdiction which prevents those common delays in getting your projects approved. We have the experience, the technical knowledge and availability to provide packaged and targeted information.



Main tasks:
– Review the documents to ensure they respect local codes and regulations
– Point out missing information
– Confirm conditions of approval are met
– Complete permitting applications
– Assist the authorities during their visual inspection on site
– Submit all original documents to Client

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