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  • We have the expertise and experience necessary to guide clients through the entire development process, including project financing, site development, conceptual planning, engineering design, construction oversight, construction administration and project management.
  • Our project management team is planning, organizing, and implementing the work performed at a construction site. Before construction starts, the project manager thoroughly considers the various costs that will be involved and submits budget proposals. Construction project management continues even after all the physical work on a structure has been completed. The project manager reviews the quality of work and makes final calculations regarding financing.


Pre-Construction Stage
Project Organization and Initial Activities
Program Management
Cost Management

Construction Stage
Site Set-up
Commercial Management
Design Management
Quality Management
Program /Progress Management
Cost Management /Cost Control

Agree Performance Criteria
Commissioning strategy (roles and responsibilities)
Monitor progress
Tests and inspections

Prepare handover strategy
Monitor Contractor(s) readiness for Authorities Inspections
Client Assistance
Project Documents handover to the Client
Prepare Close-out Report


Zero Report:
– Confirm the initial costs incurred by the Investor
– Revise all technical documentation (drawings, technical specifications)
– Confirm existence and validity of all permits and approvals
– Check the executed works and confirm they met the design specifications

Monthly Reporting:
– Cost Management: monitors, predicts, confirms and reports project cost, confirm the payments and report
unpaid suppliers according to payment orders/invoices
– Scheduling Management: monitors the status of works, the completion of activities, predicts timing of future activities and reports schedule status
– Change Management: estimates impact of change and report it to the bank
– Monitor Commitments: determine if there are anysignificant deviations from the project plan

Final Report:
– Report if there are discrepancies between budgeted works and budget
– Evaluate and report the supplementary costs incurred at the end of works
– Check and report final payments status
– Confirm the obtaining of all permits and approvals necessary for the building to function and confirm that the construction meets the technical requests of Romanian legislation
– Check that the Construction Book meets the legal criteria

Today more than ever, an effective building is
a crucial issue for the success of any business.
Efficient use of office, industrial, retail and
residential facilities aims to minimize operating
costs, and increase profits to stay competitive.


Benefits for the Client:
 Improve air and water quality
 Conserve and restore natural resources
 Reduce operating costs
 Optimize life-cycle economic performance
 Improve overall quality of life
 Improve occupants comfort and health

The audit will target:
 Building envelope: characteristics of building envelope elements (external construction elements, in direct contact with outside air and ground, or internal construction elements which separate the heated area from less heated areas)
 Energy performance of building installations: energy efficiency improvements such as high levels of insulation, efficient HVAC systems, high-performance windows and energy-efficient appliances and lighting
 Combine theory with practice, explore alternative design and building methodologies and materials.
 Indoor environmental quality considerations such as effective HVAC equipment

Using our many years of experience we can analyse and evaluate your project and the underlying technology. Our sound judgment can anticipate the outcome and determine their relative levels of risk. When you need a reliable and trustworthy third party with technical expertise, then our team is there to work with you.


Our consulting activities provide specialized services in technical due diligence for evaluating the safety, reliability, and efficiency of processes and equipment.


When providing due diligence, our engineers perform:

  • Equipment inspection
  • Evaluation of design data, history, and system or equipment records
  • Safety Analysis
  • Compliance checks to relevant standards
  • Comprehensive reports with meaningful technical evaluations
  • Corrosion damage and remaining life evaluations
  • Repairs and refurbishments needed to extend the life of the equipment
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Consultancy for tendering
  • Obtaining the urbanism certificate
  • Evaluation studies for the environmental impact
  • Consultancy in choosing the designer and the contractor, according to the complexity and size of the project
  • Payment of the legal taxes
  • Technical judicial consultancy
  • Prior measurements
  • Consultancy for drafting the environmental balance
  • Consultancy for drafting the documentation for water utilization system
  • Consultancy to elaborate /organize Construction Book

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