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  • Preparation and implementation of operating budget
  • Execution of direct leasing program
  • Supervision of cost reduction on: Building insurance / Property taxes / Financing / Facilities operational budget / Attorney’s fees
  • Lease evaluation and negotiation
  • Institution of tenant retention program
  • Acquisitions on behalf of ownership/Dispositions on behalf of ownership
  • Short and long term Capital Expenditure Investment
  • Planning
  • Real estate consultation


Administrative and operational management
Leasing contracts management
“Building Log Book”
Subscription for the multi-risk insurances, managing insurance claims
Periodic reporting regarding operational aspects and current situation

Financial Management
Annual operational (service charge) budget
Service charge reconciliation according to the leasing agreement
Property taxes: Building Tax and Land Tax
Financial reports (monthly, quarterly and annual) /Cost optimization and control

Technical governance and construction
The management of tenants premises hand over /take over
Direct management of property improvements
Regular property inspections and evaluation
Installation’s warranty management and claims

Marketing and Public relations
Public relations with local authorities and any third party
Media and on site advertisement
Marketing activities in order to attract brand and/or
recognized tenants and in case of retail centers, larger
volume of customers

Technical Solutions
Controlling all the technical issues about the building
Managing and supervising of all executions (revisions, repairs, larger construction additions)

Energy monitoring
Recording of the utilities parameters
Regularly benchmarks check according to energy
management programs

Technical maintenance
General /Preventive /Predictive /Corrective Maintenance

Cleaning Services
General and maintenance cleaning, hard floors surfacewashing reconditioning, crystallizing hard floors, washing and rehabilitating of facades.

Such services personnel ensure that Client always has a presentable entrance maintained, that visitors are received correctly and that telephone traffic is handled properly.

Pest and Rodent Control
Its main purpose is to eliminate pests and rodents from commercial and institutional properties as a potential health hazard to the general public.

Waste Management
Waste Management Services ensure waste removal public services for collecting, transport and storage of garbage, except dangerous toxic substances and substances with special regime.

Snow Clearance
Snow clearanace represents cleaning the walkways, driveways, roofs and roads of properties with professional equipments.

We develop a unique program for each individual property, taking into account local factors in the context of the client’s business needs.

Fire Safety Consultancy
Maintenance of documentation and technical equipments as required by the valid laws, organization of fire drills, co-operation with Fire Brigade, optimization of passive and active fire protection elements.

Energy Certification is a current a future trend striving for better and more effective Energy Management. The energy audit that our company performs is one of the first tasks to be made in the acc omplishment of an effective energy cost control program.

Thermo-Graphic revision is a part of Energy Management (identification of thermal losses in facades and roofs of the building) as well as part of Technical Maintenance through its Predictive Maintenance element for discovery of electrical installations overheating, corrosion in pipelines, and jeopardy of boiler’s insulation integrity.

Energy management:
Setting up a proper energy policy
Users involvement and awareness
Ongoing monitoring and target setting
Minimization of energy loss
Modification of operations, where possible, to make the best use of energy
Optimization of energy efficiency through passive means and /or the use of appropriate technology
Use of the most appropriate energy source (electricity, gas, solar) for the environmental benefits

  • The energy management program comprises a thorough energy audit to determine ways to reduce the Specific Energy Consumption.
  • Energy Performance Certificate that we provide to our Clients aims to guide and inform, clearly stating the building and installations energy performance and ways to improve your building efficiency.

Why choosing us? Because our work results in: relief from budget problems, improved lighting and comfort, reduced maintenance costs, improved power quality and improved utility services.

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