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Starting with our first company in 1992, the group entered the market by targeting the building sector, in which we activated till 1996. CORAL CONSTRUCT was already a stable player on the market, so that when we made the decision to change the main activity to the Facility Management Business, we chose to keep the name that was already well known.

At that point, the concept of Facility Management was unknown to the Romanian market, so that we found ourselves in the position to develop the concept and along with that, all the basic procedures, necessary in this specific industry .We came a long way, figuring out that the only method to succeed in this industry is by providing value to our partners and clients, through tireless efforts in constantly improving our operational processes and enhancing the skills of our colleagues.

In 2001, we felt a strong need in the market that guided us towards our second company, CORAL D.A. CONSULTING. Mainly focused on the consultancy in the construction sector, our second company grew rapidly as one of the most reliable partners for the main real estate developers and constructors in our country. Along the years that brought us close to two decades of providing professional consultancy services, CORAL D.A. CONSULTING has proved that being first of all, a trusted partner, is an essential ingredient in building a stable organization.

The year of 2004 came with a new challenge for us, as we started CORAL C.A. CONSTRUCT. Determined by the requests of our clients, we built a team that was trained in offering the best technical and administrative solutions for what appeared to be a new issue; permitting, handing over and authorization processes. Following strict procedures and having an astonishing drive, our team managed to successfully guide more than 70 important buildings through the handing over process and to obtain around 300 fire safety and construction permits.


CORAL COMPANIES represents, for us, an idea. This thought describes an excellent professional journey, guided by a strict set of values and principles. These guidelines kept us going forward, inspired us and lead to magnificent human and professional relationships with our partners.

  • Perseverence

Initially a dream, as the young market in Romania couldn’t see the potential in our perspective regarding the services industry, we believed that a “well done” job will always be appreciated and needed.

  • Honesty

The same way as a well lived life implies being true to yourself and to others, we developed a culture based on respecting our clients and each other, by telling the truth, no matter what.

  • Responsibility

We are aware of the impact in our actions and will always be just in taking full responsibility for our work.

  • Trust

As an essential aspect in our moral and professional philosophy, trust has to be built in time, through stability and patience, which are part of our core characteristics.

Now, with more than 23 years of experience in the real estate service market, CORAL COMPANIES stands for an icon, representing a strong culture, based on integrity, passion and responsibility.

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