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Coral Building Management – Digitalized FM

Coral Building Management Software – Digitalized FM    “Digitalization”, a word that rests more and more on the mouth of government officials, business tycoons, teenagers and seniors as well. Everyone agrees that the modern era that the world is crossing needs efficiency and transparency above all else. The crazy rhythm in all the endeavours pushes […]


The evolution of the Facility Management industry

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change” – Charles Darwin Evolution is inevitable. It’s how we adapt to change that differentiates us from one another. Technological advancements in the past couple of decades are remarkable. From portable devices, remote controlling the […]


The daily business of a Facility Manager

Everyone is a facility manager. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Each and one of us are facility managers to some extent. But how? Imagine your house. Now imagine it not being cleaned periodically, the lighting not functioning, the sanitary equipment broken, grass not cut, unpaid utility bills, etc. We are all facility managers – but […]


Why is sustainability an essential step towards providing high-quality facility management services?

The relationship between us and our home, earth. That is one way to define sustainability. Sustainability is such a complex concept that it cannot be simply described in one sentence and it takes more than simple understanding to fully acknowledge how everyday life affects our environment. Sustainability can also refer to social conditions, economic prosperity […]


Facility Management – Short History

How it started? The industry of facility management can be considered a quite young one, as it was starting to take shape in the early 70’s. As the real estate industry in the US was booming, the need of specialised support services appeared. The big developers realised that their main focus should be aimed at […]


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