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Coral Building Management Software represents a tailored solution for the management of your entire projects portfolio, all in one place, everything at your fingertips. This computer aided facility management software is specifically designed to offer you full control over your projects, with a smooth user experience. You are in control!
Exceptional quality services are fully ensured with the help of our in-house developed CAFM software. The platform addresses all segments of the Facility Management operations, from state of the art helpdesk and ticketing modules, to preventive maintenance management and full technical and financial tracking of all systems and equipment from your projects.

Projects Architecture

Projects Architecture


You can now easily access and see everything there is to know about all of your projects, from ticketing resolution times, preventive maintenance reports or even the gross square meters of a certain area. You have everything in one place!

Building Documentation

Always looking for an important document in the archive that seems to be forever lost?
Missing documentation will never be an issue with the help of the upload tool that will allow for all documents to be kept safe and sound. You will always be able to download the building’s documentation from the platform.

Everyone is part of the team!

Everyone is part of the team!

Manage your partners!

From tenants representatives and clients management to our own FM Supervisors, everyone is part of the team! Intuitivity is one of our platform’s main focus points, therefore navigation has never been easier!

Best user experience!

Both our clients and also our tenants will benefit from a world class user experience through smooth processes that will ensure maximized project productivity and client satisfaction!
Each partner will have dedicated login credentials and will benefit from the entire functionality that the platform has to offer!

Equipment Inventory

Equipment Inventory

All data, always available!

You have access to all of the systems and equipment of your projects and you can always export this data to fit your respective needs!

Technical details

Technical details of each system and equipment will be always available and updated!
Documentation upload is also possible to ensure proper knowledge in relation with quality maintenance services

Next level ticketing

Next level ticketing

Equipment linking and deficiency history tracking

Equipment ticket linking and deficiency history for each equipment will allow for future technical and cost optimisation. Furthermore, a whole new quality rating system and real-time feedback will definetly help us improve and be better with each intervention!

Real Time Tracking of tickets

Push notifications and in-platform real time updates regarding ticket evolution is available at all times!

Chatroom ticketing for best user experience!

Each ticket is managed via our new chatroom experience, which ensures real time talks regarding the signaled deficiency and is fully transparent towards our client and tenants representatives.

Procurement orders linked with Ticketing for best cost control!

Procurement orders can be asigned to tickets that require an equipment acquisition or spare part replacement, thus enabling us to track down the cost of the respective system!

Preventive maintenance at its finest

Preventive maintenance at its finest

Maintenance masters!

Overseeing the yearly preventive maintenance plans has never been easier, with the help of our project maintenance viewer which allows for real-time tracking of preventive maintenance for all of your projects! Weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or even annual revisions, everything is perfectly organized!

Procedures, procedures, procedures!

We know that it is better to prevent than to repair and in this respect, each type of equipment from our database comes with a predefined set of maintenance procedures. On top of that, we add all particular or special operations to the mix, based on the equipment, producer specifications and systems manuals.
Every operation is done via mobile devices by our technical teams and you can track the status of the preventive maintenance from all of your projects from the comfort of your office or even from your house!

Warranty Tracking

Warranty Tracking

Always up to date!

Warranty is a major part of a new project and through the warranty module of our platform, we make sure that all aspects regarding the projects technical warranty are being kept up to date. Therefore, all deficiencies are proper monitored and resolved within the set deadlines.

Reporting at your fingertips!

Reporting at your fingertips!

Reporting at your fingertips!

In addition to all reports that we carefully prepare for you, you have the possibility to access data at all times and extract multiple types of reports from all modules of our platform. Reporting has never been easier!

Maximize your profits!

With the help of our equipment financial and technical tracker, you will be able to asses each repair or system replacement in correspondance to your budget and current needs!


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