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Coral Building Management Software – Digitalized FM 


“Digitalization”, a word that rests more and more on the mouth of government officials, business tycoons, teenagers and seniors as well. Everyone agrees that the modern era that the world is crossing needs efficiency and transparency above all else. The crazy rhythm in all the endeavours pushes us towards solutions that allow for effectiveness, access to real time data that is relevant in the decision-making process and integrated modules covering all the activities, under the same umbrella.

Taking into consideration all the requirements, market trends and our 30+ years of experience in the administration, operation and maintenance of all the different types of assets, we developed, from scratch, our own computer aided facility management software.


A robust software architecture, that lies as foundation for an integrated platform, which was designed to improve the performance of the facility management team. The system combines an in-depth technical overview with cost-related information, the real time feedback from the teams on ground with automated alarm and notification generators and ensures efficient communication among the involved parties within all the modules.


Designed by Facility Managers for Facility Managers


The user-friendly interface and all the work-flows were developed by UI specialists, alongside maintenance engineers and facility management experts. The main goal of the team was to deliver an intuitive experience that smoothly guides the users through the complex “behind the scene” zones and leads them towards the end goal by having a task-solving oriented approach.


QR Code ready and sustainable

Our platform is 100% paperless and full QR Code ready, which means that all operations will be done 100% digital, thus helping both the service provider and the client with their sustainability strategies implementation.


Everything you need, now in one place!

Everything in one place. Rapid access to information is crucial in today’s context, so that we’ve created a system that brings all the necessary modules together:


Preventive Maintenance


  • Auto-generated preventive maintenance plan
  • Standard/customised maintenance procedures and operations
  • Easy to track and modify according to operational needs

Corrective Maintenance


  • Automated alarm generator for corrective maintenance work
  • Dedicated equipment log – allows users to track an equipment and all the procedures through equipment life-cycle


Daily Check


  • Customized check-up procedures for each technical room, digitally executed by the technical team on a daily basis
  • Easy and intuitive interface that helps optimize the maintenance process




  • Easy and super intuitive, the ticketing module is also linked with procurement and the equipment/respective system’s technical and financial history
  • Chat-like interface for optimized and quick communication between parties




  • Internal and external procurement module. The procurements orders can be linked to tickets or equipments in order to keep track of the expenditures and budgets


Warranty Tracker


  • Complete solution for warranty notifications to General Contractor and/or other subcontractors


Activity registry


  • Keep track of all the activities other than the usual maintenance and check-ups
  • Issue reports for time-tracking evidence of technical and administrative teams




  • Easy-to-track inventory with fully accessible activity history that allows for easy follow-up on parts and equipment




  • Customised reports for each module or equipment. The general maintenance and activity report will be generated with included meta-data from the software database



  • Stay in touch with clients and members of your own organisation
  • Easy to use interface that allows separation between internal and external communication, with attachments and




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